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Generating better donations at a dispensary due to MORE flower movement  with Access ROSIN.

The future of THC concentrate manufacturing is here, and built to suite a dispensary by creating a new unique atmosphere, featuring the cleanest way to create instant shatter/crumble/wax pressed right at your location. A patients having the option to diagnose, examine, and test the raw plant material of cannabis flower before instantly pressing it at the Access Rosin Station.
Access Rosin means more than having a press station to squish rosin. Its allowing patients to give a personal lab test of their own to the flower they love to chief on a daily bases. Clarity oil is key to quality medicating.

PATENTED TECHNOLOGY* The Most PSI to your Plate with lease amount of energy!

Battery Powered (No Air Compressor)
Vegetable Oil Operated
Car battery connection cables included
Key Access Battery Disconnect
12” opening mouth “up” to “down”, Movement for easy module to filter pressing
Hand Held Remote (up,down) (Press from up to 10 ft away)
Interchangeable size plates
Small Plates (Compares to Rosin Technologies Press size x2) Stock
Puck Module INCLUDED
Medium (Compares to the bag production of SASHSQUASH Press)
Puck Module INCLUDED
Large (Exclusive Access Rosin CONE with Oil Direction Flow PATENT)
Touch Screen heating element
Pressure gauge screen
14,000 psi to plate (PATENT Rocker Arm Technology)
Lifetime Warranty
Access E-Nail
Access DAB Quart



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